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The ZGMF-X13B Black Providence Gundam is a Gundam unit Prototype for the ZGMF-X13A Providence that was redesigned by the Dark Celestials into a High Performance Newtype Command Unit for Krane Vi Creuset, it appears a lot earlier than the ZGMF-X13A due to no successful pilot for the unit being found until the battle of Jachin Due where Rau Le Creuset proves himself capable of piloting it, the Black Providence however is rebuilt by Krane Vi Creuset and used in many of the following battles after JOSH-A.


Equipment Background

Operational History


  • Like Providence it specializes in multi-directional combat with the effective DRAGOON System based for Newtypes themselves due to their high spatial awareness born from production of varying wavelengths of Quantum Brainwaves, Krane is the most effective pilot due to his having a Mega S-class Wavelength used by the Ruling Newtype Royal.