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Is a Neo-Zeon Gundam designed and built by Charles Miguel after Char's Counterattack, being the designer of all Neo-Zeon's Custom Mobile Weapons, he designed these Gundam designs and specified the term "Gundam" in Neo-Zeon were actually weapons with custom or experimental equipment calling it the Omega Project. The Kanone was designed as a Heavy Artillery Support Unit, attacking an enemy from long range and allowing allies to converge on those enemies, it is piloted by Gabriel Gilbert.


The Kanone was designed at the same time as its sibling unit: the ZG-02 Klaue, unlike Klaue however which focused on speedy close range combat, the Kanone focused on optional High speed combat with definite long range/heavy attacking combat to even out a battlefield against larger numbers or enemies. Its data was also used along with the Klaue and countless Mobile Armour Data to create the ZG-03 Schlagholz, a Gundam-type transforming Mobile Suite/Armour hybrid, which later their combined data led to the creation of the ZG-00 Typhone which was a massive Golden Mobile Suite based off the Phyco Gundam.

Operational History


  • The word "Kanone" is the German translation for word "Cannon".