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"War, That's all I've ever known. Nothing can change that. There will always be conflict. Why, you ask? Man is wicked. The sooner you can accept that the easier it'll be. Otherwise your life will be a long road of pain and sorrow, and when your death draws near you'll scream in agony because you'll finally realize that all your efforts were in vain. Every. Last. One." -Z

Skills & Abilities

Z is one of the most talented pilots in U.E. history, conquering over 240 mobile suits and 12 nasca-class warships single-handedly. He's only suffered two losses, both by UEA Ace Edward Robins. Z has shown some telepathic abilities such as reading people's minds, precognition and postcognition. He has remotely viewed places numerous times to obtain information and can even sense danger. In metahuman(+) mode, he has proved an even more capable pilot, surpassing any Vaalcan pilot in history in skill. He is exceptional at hand to hand combat and is a crack shot with handguns, making Z a formidable opponent, in and out of a mobile suit.


Serran Roanoke's father was a politician, but Serran never cared for politics. Battle on the other hand, was something he'd long been accustomed to. He'd been a pilot ever since he was fifteen. Proving to be an ace after shooting down fourteen United Earth Alliance mobile suits he was recruited to join the Assault on Titan's desert Base, which allowed him to hone his skills even more, proving yet again how uncanny his ability to pilot a mobile suit was.

He soon joined Banshee Strike which would go on to defeat hundreds of mobile suits and battleships within the next few weeks. At age seventeen, Serran went simply by the letter Z to defamiliarize himself with the Roanoke family. At 19 he was already the talk of the Vaalcan Empire. He led many assault against the UEA's TAS and suffered his first loss at the hands of UEA Ace Edward Robins, sparking a rivalry between the two pilots. Eventually, near the end of the Vaalcan War, Z went up against Edward one last time. The battle was fierce, but Z was ultimately defeated. He was M.I.A. for the remainder of the War and was never seen again. Most say he died, others say he lives on, trying to adapt to a life without conflict.