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X-Gear Incorporated (also known as X-Gear Inc.) is one of the non-military contractor and the semi-nationalized munitions company based on Nyns Island in the Indonesia. This company made its appearances in the Mobile Suit Gundam FATE metaseries.


This multi-manufacturing company were formed by Ignis Niveus of Forsaken Rose and Alexei Anikin of

Notable X-Gear Inc. Personnels

Names Ranks Status Descriptions
Ignis Niveus Founder/Leader of Forsaken Rose Alive
Alexei Anikin Founder
Chloe Li Fen CEO Alive
Iijima Mio Secretary Alive

List of Mobile Suits

List of Firearms & Gadgets

Names Types Capacity Ammo
M4R8 Carbine

Assault Rifle

30/60 (Extended Mags)


Handgun/Pistol 8/16 (Extended Mags)

List of Technology

Diamond Era Nations and Factions
Military Organizations / Private Military Organizations

United Nations AdministrationBlizzard Fang Task Force | Arcane Military CorporationSpecialized Strike Unit

Non-Military Organizations

Forsaken Rose | Celestial Liberation Army | Space Pirates Baron | Weixian Tribe | Silence Words | EDEN | Ace of Phantom

Manufacturer Organizations

X-Gear Incorporated | Celsius R&D Incorporated | Fortune Techmaster | Blade Workshop