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"They say a lot of things about him. They say he once took out an entire rebel squadron by himself without a single weapon on his mobile suit. They say he's saved the life of each member of the admiralty council at least once and that half the royal family owes their lives to him. They say he single-handedly destroyed an enemy capital ship formation in just a basic mobile suit. Me? All I want to know is how there can be so many stories about a pilot who doesn't even officially exist."
―Richard Ives, Royal Naval Ace

Wraith was the nickname of a Royal Sol Alliance mobile suit pilot that was used by both rank and file pilots and his superiors alike. It is unknown when he first appeared within the RSA military, but by After Unification 47 the stories told about him had elevated him to near mythological status. His identity and personal life were as enigmatic as his combat exploits were legendary, and he was never seen outside of the standard issue Royal Sol Alliance Navy pilot's uniform that he seemed to wear at all times. Only the RSA navy's top admirals and the royal family itself seemed to be privy to his movements and deployments, as Wraith's very existence seemed to be highly classified material.


  • Wraith was conceived by Another Poetic Spartan's advice that a Gundam universe needed to have a mask-wearing character. His lack of an identity is partially based on the writer's youthful fascination with the anonymous Imperial Tie Pilots in the early Star Wars films, which he watched when he was very young.