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The War against Karith was a major conflict begun by Star Strike in order to stop former chief genetic scientist Karith from exacting his revenge on Celestial Being for shutting down the Super Human Institute. The conflict managed to last from the closing of the Super Human Institute to shortly after Celestial Being was defeated during Operation: Fallen Angels

The war was witness to several confrontations between former Super Soldier Ransac Strike, and Karith's genetically modified army of Super Soldiers. The last of these battles occured in space within the ruins of the colony that originally held the HQ of the Super Human Institute. This war finally ended when Karith was ultimately killed by Ransac.

Outcome of the war

Ransac's leave:

  • The war sparked a series of outcomes that would shape future confrontations. The first of these was the temporary leave of Ransac from Star Strike. Ransac was lead to believe his fellow Gundam Meisters had died in battle. Thus when he survived an emergency reentry into Earth's atmosphere after the battle, he didn't seek out Star Strike, believing it to be disbanded. Ransac later joined up with fellow former Gundam Meister, Setsuna F. Seiei and assist him using the damaged Rush Gundam.

Transformation of Milliardo Consulo:

  • After his near death at the hands of Ransac, Milliardo began to spiral down a path of self loathing. This was because he believed he was cursed to forever be under Ransac's shadow. To mold his suffering into a weapon, Milliardo briefly trained with A-LAWS and later joined The Innovators as a mercenary.

Creation of Mobile Suits Incorporated:

  • With the Earth Sphere Federation pushing mobile suits equipped with GN-Drives into mass production, a demand was sent out to bring in new mobile suit production facilities. One of these was Mobile Suits Incorporated, in truth Star Strike. This transformation was needed since Star Strike no longer had sufficient funding after breaking off from Celestial Being. This gave them the advantages of further mobile suit development, additional funding, and the facilities to create new parts and GN-Drives. In addition they gained access to the knowledge of A-LAWS, using this to their advantage later on.

Major Conflicts

Duel in the Desert