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"You're so melodramatic."
―Villain Yorn to Andros Bolt.

Villain is the Genetic Older Brother of the youth that would once day be codenamed Heero Yuy and a powerful Newtype, it is revealed he was not only created as a Newtype Royal but brought up by Doctor J as a Military Strategist and Political Leader, this coupled with his mastery of Mobile Suite piloting and his inhuman reaction speeds make him a vicious "Messiah" that the Newtypes look up to in awe, respect and fear.



Villain has been described a lot like his brother, emotionally withdrawn and distant however there are some variable differences which Heero echos with Quatre, Villain smiles and cracks jokes with his Mate: Andros Bolt.

Physical Appearance

Villain's is similar to his brother, Heero Yuy, however the main difference is that Villain has sea green eyes. His usual outfit is more effective than either Heero's or Andros' usual attire, Villain's outfit is nothing more than a pilot suite, it has its own optional seal equipped gloves and helmet.


Powers and Capabilities


  • Prior to Operation Meteor's "Plan B" being devised, Villain and Andros were intended to be the Coordinators of the 5 Gundam Pilots, having a personal space-to-atmosphere ship and a squad of Gundam-type Mobile Suites piloted by Newtype Clones.