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Vestigo Novo Era (Or V.N.E) is a timeline featured in Mobile Suit Gundam: Project Solar.



Before the turn of the era, Earth was abandoned in favor of exploring and colonizing the solar system. To keep the peace, a military government was formed by the major powers at the time to protect the developing colonies. This new government is known as Sirius. Sirius grew exponentially in power controlling a majority of colonies including control of the commerce and development space station: Hub. Due to the immense presence of Sirius, newly founded colonies wanted to remain independent from Sirius' tight laws and taxes. Thus, independent security companies began to form to keep colonies separated from Sirius. Eventually, cheaper mercenary factions followed the independence movement. Most of the mercenaries were mostly comprised of ex-pirates, prisoners and Freelance Pilots, due to this the mercenary factions were usually hired to do some of the dirtier tasks that go against most professional security protocols.


Pre- V.N.E

  • The earth became heavily polluted due to a large industrial boom. Along with the pollution problem, planet-wide search for resources left the planet scarred and with a no signs of stopping the has left the planet inhabitable.

Pre- V.N.E 70's

  • An underground and highly illegal bioresearch group headed by Dr. Susane Kogami, started developing a biomechanical mobile suit known as Unit 001.

Pre- V.N.E 60's

  • After genetic splicing and engineering, Kogami's research group developed the first Human-Insect hybrid, which was named "Polara".
  • A rival research group raided the facility and stole Unit 001 and Polara, killing the scientist and gravely injuring Kogami.

Pre- V.N.E 50's

  • Polara escapes with Unit 001, and her offspring Polaris, fighting off pirated mobile suits, the unit is damaged in the skirmish and crash lands on the Moon, Polara dies from injuries and uses the optical camouflage to mask the mobile suit.

Pre- V.N.E 40's

  • The old government manages to propose an idea to colonize the solar system in hopes to save humanity and in preparation for evacuating earth the old government reforms into the military government Sirius. This new military government was tasked with the safekeeping of colonists from the various space pirate gangs.
  • The science organization The Cerberus Collective is founded.

Pre-V.N.E 30's

  • Construction of a large central station known as TheHub began.

V.N.E 0

  • The Earth is now completely abandoned this event is recorded as The Collapse
  • One colonist ship returned to earth at a place known as The Brush. The Brush is a location earth that managed to regrow greenery but is only contained within the confines of the Brush the rest of the planet still rots away.
  • Sirius leads the colonization project, the first colony was established on the Earth's moon; Luno colony. During the construction of Luno, Sirius construction crews happen upon the wreckage of the lost Unit 001 mobile suit and is brought to Sirius' mobile suit labs for analysis
  • Colonization spreads to parts of Mars and Venus and some larger asteroids.
  • Space pirates begin re-surfacing in many areas of space ransacking and destroying colonist ships and colonies. Causing a demand in protective utilizes from Sirius.
  • Old generation robotics company rebrands its self as Triton Engineering.

V.N.E 8

  • An escalation in Pirate attacks leads Sirius dispatching most of its military power to protect colonists. In an effort to gain more forces Sirius creates a security branch in charge of hiring and managing small security companies to aid in the protection effort.

V.N.E 9

  • Continued demand for security forces leads to a steep inflation in protection costs leaving certain colonies defenseless.
  • Independent militia groups begin surfacing to defend colonies, these militia groups are the first to begin an independence movement against Sirius' security forces causing internal confrontations within the government requesting for a reform.
  • Militia groups grow large enough to start taking contracts with multiple colonist groups becoming Mercenary groups.

V.N.E 15

  • Construction of The Hub is completed and is annexed by Sirius.
  • Due the political issues from both the independence movement and internal affairs leads to the collapse of the Sirius government and the disbandment of the government.
  • Triton and Cerberus work together to re-establish order with much struggle.
  • The Hub separates from Sirius and establishes Hub United, a neutral government that acts a mediator among the recently separated powers.
  • Pirate attacks decrease but many pirate ships still wander free space areas.
  • The Hub allows Triton, Cerberus, and Sirius to trade and recruit freely within The Hub's jurisdiction creating a small time of peace.

V.N.E 20

  • The Hub is now the center of all trade, employment and residence among all factions due to its neutral stance on all political affairs.
  • The confrontation among the colonies begins to resurface with the exception of The Hub.

V.N.E 21

  • Cerberus obtains the ancient Gundam frame, which is codenamed the "Velvet Lady". In analyzing the components, Cerberus begins preparations in its Biomechanical and Bioengineering research.

V.N.E 22

  • Sirius's military faction reemerges causing turmoil among loyal and independent colonies alike starting the colony wars.
  • Cerberus begins research in biomechanics and bioengineering.

V.N.E 31

  • The Hub begins to sell mobile suit schematics on the Contract Market and creating its own mobile suit designs. The other factions begin creating their own mobile suits.

V.N.E 36

  • Triton Engineering Reveals their Lacuna line of Gundam type mobile suits and hires the C.M.W.L to test the Gundams and continue research and development with them.

V.N.E 42

  • Cerberus and Sirius reveal their new generation mobile suits dominating other mobile suit designs available on the Contract market.
  • TMAF-X00 Stratal Gundam and TMAF-X01 Gundam Amaris are spotted during a battle between two Pirate ships.

V.N.E 44

  • The conflict continues...


There are various competing factions during the Vestigo Novo Era each with its own purpose.

Main Factions

Security and Mercenary Factions

Other Factions