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The VX-08 Vortex Gundam was launched in 118 U.E. (Universal Era) as part of the MH+ (MetaHuman Plus) Program. It was designed to be piloted by Ace pilot Edward Robins.

Description & Characteristics

The Vortex Gundam has shown amazing capabilities. It's cockpit is comprised of three different systems that make up the MH+ Program: The Sync system, which allowed Robins to simply use his own will to pilot the Gundam; The Anti-Armada system (The Armada System is more-or-less like the funnel system from U.C.) which enables the pilot to deactivate armada weapons and reactivate them for the vortex to use in just a few seconds; turning the opponents armadas against them. (Not unlike the RX-0's NT-Destroy system); and last but not least, the Warp System, which is arguably the Vortex's greatest strength for it can seemingly teleport due to the manipulation of space-time around the gundam through the compression of Metahuman+ brainwaves via telekinesis and telepathy that are emitted from the pilot's mind. The vortex is arguably the greatest Mobile Suit of the U.E.

Vortex Gundam is installed with a Fusion Anti-Matter core capable of almost unlimited energy and is composed of three different metals. 90% of the Vortex Gundam's frame is a fairly durable and lightweight metal called Umbra. the rest of the frame is a slightly stronger material made from minerals gathered from the rings of Saturn. The interior metal of the gundam is by far the strongest. It is a combination of metals, derived from combining Umbra with a heavier metal called adamantine (the strongest metal in U.E.) to create a slightly flexible yet durable sort of skeletal structure to protect the Anti-matter core engine, which is located near the back of the mobile suit.