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The VV-99 Void Gundam was launched in 118 U.E.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

It was intially a prototype of a later model but Vaalcan Kingdom Ace Pilot Z (Serran Roanoke) upgraded the mobile suits core drive system with a MH(+) System he'd help steal from a UEA Military Base.The Void Gundam is an extraordinary mobile suit thanks to the upgraded drives and the advanced operation system. If the pilot posseses enough will he can pilot the Gundam with his mind. He can also control the Aramada system simply by using his telepathically linking his mind with the Gundam itself, thus meaning the pilot must be a Metahuman (+) or else he'd be unable to link with the gundam, which would prevent him from being able to pilot it. The Void is a highly durable Mobile suit suit composed of a fusion metals (Adamanite and Umbra Alloys) with heavy Titanium alloys for the joints. The Engine itself is a Nuclear Fusion reactor with Anti-matter particles charging in the core to release short but massive ammounts of energy, enabling the gundam to go days without running out of energy.