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VN-X0000 Nefren Gundam is the upgraded version of the VN-X002 Geschimizer Gundam and is featured in the Final Arc part of Mobile Suit Gundam FATE. The unit is piloted by one of the members of Arcane Military Corporation, Dominic Spears "Partisan".

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • 2 x GN Vulcan Gun
The Nefren Gundam possesses a pair of vulcan guns to intercept incoming missiles as well as enemy units at close range.
  • GN Driver Rifle
Similar to the "GN Beam Revolver", the Driver Rifle is also a customized beam rifle that possesses a high power output, eventually powerful enough to pierce through a few of its enemies  as well as being a match against the GN Beam Revolver. Like the GN Beam Revolver, the Driver Rifle is possessed the ability to form a beam blade.
  • GN Beam Cutter
The Nefren Gundam's special beam weapon which is mounted and hidden in its mouth. When it is about to use the beam cutter, its mouth is opened, revealing the cutter. This beam cutter is able to slice almost anything that stood in its way, even stronger armor.
  • Many x GN Particle Bits
The beam-like remote weaponry which are controlled by a high-level clone using brainwaves. These bits can quickly take down an entire mobile suit squad with relative ease.
  • GN Twin Beam Spear
The Twin Beam Spear is the versatile hand-held weapon of the Nefren Gundam. It is able to generate a beam sickle from the tips of both ends and can also be separated into two components capable of generating a beam blade. Additionally, it can also function as a beam rifle for ranged combat.
  • GN Beam Cannon
A powerful beam weapon which is mounted on its torso. This beam cannon is powerful enough to destroy an entire battleship or a few of the enemy mobile suits.

System Features


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