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Chapter 7: Training with Elizabeth


Ash and Elizabeth make it back to the Task Squad 496 headquarters for Elizabeth to take the Forced Evolution test. Although she wanted to be a nurse alongside of a Gundam pilot, Elizabeth talks to Serena Winston about it and she told her that she'd train with her brother before taking the Forced Evolution test. Jack Crawford, the commander of TS496 comes to the scene and introduces himself to her, seeing that she is the sister of Ash, he accepts her to take the Forced Evolution test.

Ash and Elizabeth go to the training grounds, with Ash piloting a Zaku Warrior and Elizabeth piloting the Gundam Mark III. Ash notices that Elizabeth already knows how to pilot a Gundam already without some training.

Meanwhile, in the office of Task Squad 496, Lacus Clyne, former member of ZAFT came to Serena, who was watching Elizabeth train with Ash. She asks Serena if the Sapphire City Council will like to provide support to TS496. Serena said yes and Lacus mentioned that she will make an announcement with Setsuna F. Seiei in a few days, she tells Serena that it will be related to Celestial Being, something that the Sapphire City Council is a branch of, and Task Squad 496.

Lyle Dylandy, a Gundam Meister and the brother of the late Neil Dylandy, comes to Jack. He tells him that he had found three teenagers named John Hawkins, Shane Johnson, and Joe Solobov. Lyle then asks Jack if they can join Task Squad 496 to serve in the Sacred Lightning War, as he saw the Lightning Squad's true motives of plotting for world domination.

Ash and Elizabeth complete their training, with Ash praising Elizabeth for her combat skills. Elizabeth asks him if its a good time to take the Forced Evolution test, he tells her that its up to Serena to see if she is eligible to take the test. Serena came to them and praises the siblings for learning how to operate all the controls in Gundam without the need for lessons, Jack, Saji and Louise also praised them for learning how to operate the Gundam faster than someone else could.

Serena tells Elizabeth that she is eligible to take the Forced Evolution test, and Elizabeth hugs her brother in excitement. Ash was proud of her for being accepted to take the test. The Episode ends with the Lightning Squad making arrangements to start the Sacred Lightning War.

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