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The Triumviri are a group of Three powerful Cyber-Newtype Clones that act as pilots within Kazan Aznable's personal Force of Mobile Suite pilots, known as perfect Pilots and Soldiers, they were created by Nanai Miguel under the request of Char Aznable which they were given 13 Year Old Bodies to age at the same space of time as Kazan Aznable.


UC 0093


After retrieving his biological son, Char Aznable ordered the creation of three Cloned Cyber Newtypes to protect and serve his son as his most loyalist confidents, that is where Nanai created the Archangel-type Cyber Newtypes. The three specialised Cyber Newtypes were designed to be better than the rest and programed to be fiercly loyal to Neo-Zeon but Kazan Aznable above all else.


  • The meaning of Triumviri (from Wikipedia) is: A triumvirate (from Latin, "of three men") is a political regime dominated by three powerful individuals, each a Triumvir (pl. triumviri). The arrangement can be formal or informal, and though the three are usually equal on paper, in reality this is rarely the case. The term can also be used to describe a state with three different military leaders who all claim to be the sole leader.
  • In Jewish Writings: Behemoth is the primal unconquerable monster of the land, as Leviathan is the primal monster of the waters of the sea and Ziz the primordial monster of the sky.
  • An interesting concept is that Ziz, whom Uriel takes after has a Transforming MS that takes the form of a Bat however Ziz in Jewish drawings appears as a Gryphon, which is the Deikun Family's namesake and Kyle Kahn Deikun/Kazan Aznable's Mobile Suite opposing to the Unicorn.