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Chapter 17: The Scion of the Night


Shortly after Amuro and Lacus saved them, Ash and Elizabeth work together on completing a Newtype-use mobile suit that the former made exclusively for Jack and Serena, they dubbed this mobile suit, the Nightingale.

Taking their time on the finalization of the Nightingale, Ash researched about Power Plants after he watched Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack with John in the Sapphire City Cinema; he brainstormed his idea for a Newtype-specific power plant, complete with the Psycommu System, and the Bio-Sensors; Elizabeth found Aeolia Schenberg's notes on a Newtype-use power plant he codenamed Schenna. They used his notes as a basis for the power plant originally in the conceptual phase, codenamed NT-R (Short for Newtype-Revolution).

Meanwhile, in the bridge of the Starta, Jack and Serena discuss about their strategy for the remainder of the war, and how the Kennedy Siblings can be useful to help Task Squad 496 achieve victory. John, Shane, Saji, and Sean report of enemy activity inside of Onyx Town to Jane.

The scene then goes back to Ash & Elizabeth, who have now completed work on the Nightingale, and its power plant, the Quantum Drive. They came to both, Jack and Serena, asking if they want to test out the Nightingale, seeing that they are indeed Newtypes. Jack accepts, and both he and Serena hop into the Nightingale's cockpit.

Ash sets up the training grounds for Jack and Serena to test the Nightingale out, and the test concluded with favorable results. Ash and Elizabeth were pleased that it was proven to be a success, and Jack and Serena thank them for creating the Nightingale. The episode ends with Jack & Serena flying the Nightingale to Onyx Town.

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