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Chapter 14: The Sacred Lightning War begins!


Shane goes to Ash to see if he can assist him on building him a new Gundam model due to the damage his Gelgoog received during the fight with the MSN-009 Psycho Gundam. Ash drew the blueprints and showed them to Shane, he calls this very Gundam model, the CB-003 Gundam Revolver. The Gundam Revolver was designed to better fit Shane's Innovade abilities, it also includes a Veda terminal system for anytime he can access Veda.

Shane pretty much liked the idea and volunteers to test it out. Tieria appears to see his cousin test out the Gundam Revolver in a test battle. He sees that the Revolver has the Veda terminal system, he then reveals to Ash that Shane's access to Veda is limited, as he was modified for combat and not for intelligence. Ash understood what he meant, and Shane has finished testing out the Revolver. Tieria was pleased with Ash designing Mobile Suits for the squad he works for, stating that its a great thing to have a comrade that is an expert on Mobile Suits and determining what type of combat they are recommended for. Ash also made blueprints for other mobile suits he plans to create for his other squadmates, one of those is the LNS-9137 Nightingale.

Setsuna and Amuro send a video message to Emerald Tower Militaire leader Jack Crawford. They said that Ash and Saji are to patrol around New Hong Kong for any sign of attack from the Lightning Squad. Ash acknowledges the mission and heads out in the ASO Gundam, while Saji heads out in Ash's Zaku Warrior.

Ash and Saji start patrolling around New Hong Kong for any sign of the Lightning Squad's planned attack in the Sacred Lightning War, Ash detects a bomb planted by the Lightning Squad, knowing that it is the first sign of their attack, believing that the bombs were planted to signal the presence of the Psycho Gundam. Saji sees a lightning bolt in the shield of the Psycho Gundam, seeing that it does belong to the Lightning Squad, he calls it a Mobile Armor due to its giant size. The two see Gyan's and GINN's sent by the Lightning Squad to patrol the area, Ash destroyed one Gyan from behind, while Saji destroyed another with an air attack.

Ash and Saji were detected by one of the bombs used by the Lightning Squad, and the first battle of the Sacred Lightning War begins. The episode ends with Gerald, who has now betrayed the Lightning Squad, considering his strategy for the war.

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