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Chapter 13: The Cyber-Newtype


February 8, 2308 A.D., Ash writes notes on the advantages and disadvantages of certain mobile suits when in Ground or Air combat, such as their strengths, weaknesses, and the type of combat they are recommended for. He starts his notes off with the MKV-9052 ASO Gundam and the TSK-19S Shrike Zaku, writing down their advantages and disadvantages.

"If the ASO Gundam was created for the sole purpose of close combat and assault, that means that it is not recommended for Air combat, but rather for Ground and Space combat. Gunner mode was included for use when the ASO in deployed in Ground combat, giving it a better advantage for fighting enemy gunner tanks and battleships.

The Zaku Warrior, however, was not created for entering the atmosphere, it was created for the sole purpose of Ground and Aerial combat. That means it would be useless to deploy the Zaku Warrior in Space.

I can conclude that the ASO Gundam is recommended for Ground and Space combat, while the Zaku Warrior is recommended for Ground and Air combat.
―Ash's notes on the advantages and disadvantages of the ASO Gundam and the Zaku Warrior.

Elizabeth comes to her brother to see what he is doing:

"Hey, big brother. Whatcha doin'?"
―Elizabeth after she comes to Ash
"I'm writing down notes on what Mobile Suits are recommended for Ground, Air, or Space combat; along with their strengths and weaknesses."
―Ash's reply
"That sounds cool! I hope you gather some research, because I can't wait to see what you conducted for the Peacemaker's strengths and weaknesses."
―Elizabeth, after hearing her brother's reply

Ash promises to Elizabeth that he will conduct research on the Peacemaker's advantages and disadvantages in combat. He was then interrupted by Shane, who came to inform him that he was needed for combat deployment by Jack Crawford. Serena and Jane Winston call for Shane again to inform him that he needs to get ready for today's mission.

Sean Crawford receives a message from the Sapphire City Council head Amuro Ray, he mentions that Ash and Shane are to go to New Hong Kong to investigate the presence of a Psycho Gundam, which happens to be piloted by a Cyber-Newtype. Ash's head suffers trauma when the Psycho Gundam was mentioned, referencing an incident that happened eight years ago on his sister's ninth birthday. Ash sets out in his Zaku Warrior because the ASO is in need of repairs, while Shane heads out in his custom Gelgoog. The Psycho Gundam sees both, the Alie Zaku and the Gelgoog, the Psycho Gundam evaded their impending attack.

"Is that the best the Alie Zaku and the Gelgoog can do?"
―The pilot of the Psycho Gundam

Ash manages to deal with the left arm and the main camera of the Psycho Gundam, while Shane managed to destroy the right arm and the shield. The Psycho Gundam was destroyed, and the pilot lands on the Zaku's hands. She reveals herself to be Emily Smith, and she instantly fell in love with Ash, knowing that he would save her from the Lightning Squad's Psycho Gundam. Shane questioned her on why she is part of the Lightning Squad, and if she is the Cyber-Newtype Amuro mentioned earlier, Emily refused to answer those questions; She later joins Emerald Tower Militaire since Ash, the person who changed her life, is part of it.

"Who made you the pilot of the Psycho Gundam?"
―Ash, questioning Emily
"Josh Starstorm, he was the one who made the Psycho Gundam absorb me after an injection that contained the genes of someone you are related to."
―Emily's reply
"Josh Starstorm huh? Well he is dead now, so I wouldn't worry about him anymore."
―Ash, informing Emily that Josh is dead.

Ash takes her to the medical room of Emerald Tower Militaire to have the genes injected from Emily. Before the injection, she reveals herself to be a genetic clone of his little sister, having her memories from birth to age 9; Ash was shocked upon hearing this. The episode ends with Ash and Saji narrating the preview for the next episode.

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