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The Cerberus Collective is a company that specializes in bioresearch, that then expanded into both biomechanics and bioengineering in V.N.E 22. Despite working from within the Hub many of its activities are still unknown.

Administrative Role

The role of The Cerberus Collective is to provide various scientific aid to The Hub. Aids provided include medical assistance, schooling, and general advancements in its Bioresearch. The Collective also aids in the protection of the Hub as per the agreement of the Unity Pact.

Within the Hub's council, a high ranking member of the company has a seat along with a Triton Enigeering and Hub Merchant rep. This council passes laws and regulations and decides the direction of the Hub as a community should go in.


At the beginning of the Vestigo Nova Era, The Cerebus Collective can track its roots all the way back to the evacuation of Earth and the formation of the original Sirus government. However, during these early years, the Collective only did medical research. After the collapse of the Sirius government in V.N.E 15, the Collective started to expand its research as well as attempt to calm the political landscape of the time. Later that same year Hub United sends an invitation to join its council with the agreement of medical treatment of the Hub's people. In return, the Collective was allowed the freedom to continue its expanding research in bioresearch.

In V.N.E 22 the Collective began to specialize its research efforts in both Bioengineering and Biomechanics. During this time is when the Cerebus Hounds Division was formed, they serve as a security division specifically for the Collective and its associated allies.

Cimex Project

Sometime between V.N.E 22 and V.N.E 42, The Cerberus Collective Bioengineering branch started splicing insect DNA with humans in an attempt to replicate Subject 00, in order to surpass humans; the homo -putredo or Calyx, for the most part, were successful. Better resilience, and reaction speeds than a normal human.

In parallel, the Biomechanical branch used data from the Calyx subjects to create a new material known as Hyper Chitin.

Mobile Suit Development

With Triton and Sirius having their own mobile weapons on the Contract Market, the Collective began developing its own line of mobile suits as competition. However, unlike the suits used by the C.H.D the variants shown on the market, as to not draw too much attention from the Cimex project.

Cerberus Hounds Division

The C.H.D is the field testing branch of Cerberus. Their purpose is to test various weapon prototypes. As a secondary function, some squads from the C.H.D are used for security detailing and are often seen fighting mercenary groups. With the start of the Cimex Project, many of the original testing squads were replaced by Calyx hive pilots as they dispensible leading to a minority of human testing personnel who transferred to a security position.

As a security force, the C.H.D follow a strict regiment and follow a "no tolerance" policy. They are rarely seen interacting with locals and are often seen apprehending many who linger to close to Cerberus facilities. However, in residential areas, the security teams are more approachable but are also quick to apprehend offenders of the law. Given all this, the C.H.D has gotten an unsavory reputation among the public but are highly regarded by clients of their services.


  • Cimex is the Latin word for Bug/ Insect
  • Homo-Putredo is also derived from Latin meaning "Insect Person"