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Chapter 42: Teresa Returns!


While the Sacred Lightning War prepares to enter its climax, Teresa Willis, the sister of the late Travis Willis, enters the fight for one purpose: To exact revenge on Shane Johnson for the death of her brother, thinking that he wouldn't get away that easily. She enters the cockpit of the Crossblade, the second of two Lightning Throne Mobile Suits created by the Holo-Illumini.

Jack orders Saji and John to start repairs to the colony laser, the Firestorm, the main weapon that will be used by Emerald Tower Militaire to destroy the Holo-Illumini's supply base. In which without it, no mass-produced mobile suits, such as the LES-03 GINN will appear in the battlegrounds.

"You unforgivable psychopath!"
―Teresa, as she approaches Shane
"Woah.. Who the hell are you?"
―Shane, as he starts his fight with Teresa
"I am Teresa Willis, and I will never forgive you!"
―Teresa, introducing herself to Shane
"Forgive me? We never met! Why shouldn't you forgive me?"
―Shane's response to Teresa
"We met before! And I won't forgive you because you killed my brother, Travis"
―Teresa's response to Shane's question

Just as Shane launches in the Gundam Revolver, Teresa appears and attacks him, calling him an "unforgivable psychopath" for killing her brother. Shane claims that he had never met Teresa, and why she shouldn't forgive him, but Teresa replies that they met before, and she wouldn't forgive him for the death of her brother, Travis. Shane responds by starting his attack on the Crossblade.

"Ash, look at this!"
―Elizabeth, as she tells Ash to look at one of the windows
"Hmm? What is it?"
―Ash, asking Elizabeth what she wants him to see
"It's Shane and Teresa! They're fighting over the death of Travis."
―Elizabeth, as she tells Ash what's going on
"Shane and Teresa?! I need to stop them!"
―Ash, surprised at Elizabeth's reply

Meanwhile, Elizabeth tells Ash to look at one of the windows of the Galacticus Starta, what they witness, is Shane fighting Teresa. Ash starts to rage over this, as Teresa promises that she will date him once they see each other again. Elizabeth tells him that the date should wait till after the war. While knowing that something bad was going to happen, Elizabeth launches in the Peacemaker to stop Shane and Teresa from fighting against each other.

Just as Teresa was about to kill Shane, a beam suddenly pierces through the Crossblade. It came from the just-arrived Peacemaker in Trans-Am mode. While the beam was meant to aim for the arms, Elizabeth realizes on what she did was an accident, and Ash cries over the death of his future girlfriend.

Back in the Starta, Elizabeth tells Ash that she had accidentally killed Teresa, but she did retrieve her body. Ash understood, and he knew that it was an accident, as he watched what the Peacemaker was doing. He told her that she was aiming for the arms of the Crossblade, but it instead aimed at the cockpit, which resulted in Teresa's death. Elizabeth claims that Teresa will be revived after the war is over.

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