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TMAF-X02 Ilo Gundam is one of the lead mobile suits from Mobile Suit Gundam: Project Solar. Developed on the Planetary Colony: Sarro, Venus using Triton's "Lacuna" husk frame and some of the best technology the company can offer. The initial design was created by Dr. Sadhi and later finalized by Calvin De Fiore. The Gundam is piloted by Riley Miller and co-piloted by Dior Nyberg.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Ilo is an assault mobile suit that can perform multiple combat roles by interchanging the Combat Augmentation Packs before deployment. Unlike other mercenary mobile suits, there are no mass-reproductions of Ilo on the Contract Market.

Due to Dior's abilities, the Ilo was equipped with bits to increase its fighting capabilities. It also features the largest weapon loadout of all the TMAF suits this was to give more strategic opportunities die to Riley's unpredictable piloting nature. Lastly, the Ilo Gundam is fitted with dual cockpit accommodation.


  • "Talon" Head Vulcans
Mounted inside the head is a pair of retractable Vulcan guns. Used primary to destroy light vehicles and damage opposing mobile suit camera sensors.
  • "Hell Dart" Heat Knife
Stored inside the forearms and shoulders are a set of four heated knives. They can alternatively be used as throwing knives.
  • "Fury" Beam Pistol
Mounted on the side skirt armor is a pair beam pistols. These secondary weapons are effective at short to mid ranges. The pistols also have a burst fire mode.
  • "Vortex" Twin Beam Sword
Stored on the back skirt is a twin beam sword. The hilt had been downsized to regular beam saber size, allowing both beam saber and twin beam sword configurations.
  • "Mirage" Projection Bits
Stored directly on the suit's backpack are three pairs of bits. The projectors can form three non-hostile holograms of previously recorded mobile suits or two "hostile" holograms that fire beams. Both hologram types can emulate damage, simulating real mobile suits.
  • "Stalagmite" Beam Carbine
An optional armament, that can be mounted on the back skirt. The beam carbine is Ilo Gundam's primary weapon when equipped and features two firing modes that can be changed by sliding the trigger forward for burst fire and back for single fire.
  • "Sol" Shield
Another optional armament, this large shield is mounted on the left forearm. This large anti-beam shield can be used defensively and offensively. It can deploy a beam shield for added defense. The tip forms a sharp point used for puncturing mobile suits.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Bit Control System
The bits are remotely controlled by the suit's co-pilot. The co-pilot is in charge of "piloting" the projections into combat or to change the image projected. Although it can be difficult for rookie pilots, the bits can be a devastating asset on their own once mastered properly.
  • Solar Conversion System
Various reflector panels throughout the mobile suit's modular armor convert solar energy into power. The converted power charges mounted weapons and additional attachments that Ilo is currently equipped with, allowing for extended deployment time.
  • Hardpoints
Additionally, Ilo Gundam can interchange equipment before deployment changing its combat role despite it being classed as an assault mobile suit. The hardpoints can be used to equip other mobile suit armor modules for added defense and slight customization of Ilo's appearance.
  • Modular Construction
The construction of the mobile suit to allows for repairs and upgrades to be done efficiently without sacrificing time. Customized to perfectly fit the specifications of the pilot.


Built by Triton Engineering exclusively for C.M.W.L along with four other Lacuna based Gundam mobile suits in V.N.E 44. It was eventually completed and sold to the security branch of the SCR-XP-185 Red Gambit research carrier in V.N.E 47. Once aboard the Gundam unit was handed over to Riley Miller, who would eventually request a 2-man cockpit so he could focus entirely on piloting the machine. This allowed Dior Nyberg to co-pilot Ilo with Riley. This allows both pilots to focus solely on mastering each aspect of Ilo Gundam. Riley would pilot the overall machine and focus combat, Dior controls the mirage bits and uses her abilities to predict enemy movements.

During V.N.E 48 it duelled the TMAF-X03 Eosa Gundam and managed to escape thanks to the assistance of Brooke.

Sometime before V.N.E 53 Ilo was destroyed during a battle involving the C.H.D.