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The Superior Beings were the Kidverse's counterparts of the Universal Century’s Newtypes. They,like the Newtypes, had much greater cognitive ability than Humans,as and added bonus they had greater physical capabilities than Humans. For reasons unknown,perhaps because the powers are too much for the Human body, a Superior Being cannot use thier powers for more than 3 hours straight without massive injuries to themselves. (Ex. Brain Damage,Internal Bleeding,Muscle Pain, and Heart Failure in extreme cases) When a Superior Being’s powers are active they are known as being an Awakened Superior Mode. Combing with ‘‘Mobile Suit Gundam 00’’ and ‘‘Mobile Suit Gundam SEED’’ the users eyes change as well. (Ex. Trevor Morrell’s eyes become gold akin to the Innovators of ‘’00’’ while Ryan Davis’ eyes turn purple and lose their pupils,akin to the “SEED” carriers of ‘‘SEED’’) As with many other evolved Humans in the ‘‘Gundam’’ Metaverse,they receive an effect similiar to the “Newtype-Flash” of the original ‘‘Mobile Suit Gundam’’.

Powers and Activation

Each Superior Being possesses different powers. They range between a massive increase in intelligence to extreme strength.


Most Superior Beings were allied with the Jackals including Luna Van Damme, Mika Sutagari and the first known Superior Being Jacob Lordsman


Only one Superior Being was allied with the Rebellion, Trevor Morrell, however, it was assumed by many that Death was a Superior Being as well

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