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Chapter 21: My Enemy is My Friend


Soran continues his fight with Travis, with Ash and Elizabeth developing a worry for Soran. Tieria goes to Ash, and asks him if he can stop Soran before he kills Travis. Ash tells Tieria that he had tried everything to calm him down, but nothing would work.

Elizabeth goes to Jack and Serena, asking them about the repairs done to the Gundam Revolver, they answered that they had repaired it before Soran launched in it again. Elizabeth believes that the Revolver wasn't "fully" repaired and went to Tieria to assist her in stopping Soran from going berserk.

The Desperado gets the advantage and damages the Revolver's buster rifle. Ash knows that the situation is bad, and launches in the ASO Gundam to help Soran. Ash tells him that taking revenge on a friend who has betrayed him is not the right answer, Soran understands, but he tells Ash that Travis is one different story, and he wants to kill him, not only for betrayal; but for taking everything away from him, saying that everything should belong to him, not Travis.

With the weakness of the Desperado now revealed, Soran kills Travis using the Revolver's twin satellite cannon. Travis curses him, calling him a "Psychopath", and the Desperado was destroyed. Teresa screams out in anger over the death of her brother. Ash sees Teresa to talk about Soran, as to why he would want to kill Travis. The two kiss and Ash goes to find Soran.

Ash goes back to the Galacticus Starta to inform Elizabeth that Soran killed Travis. She wants him to tell her that its all a lie, but Ash told her that he had witnessed seeing Soran kill Travis, and Elizabeth starts to shed a tear just as she walks to their room. Elizabeth screams out that she won't forgive Soran in anger and starts to burst out in tears in her bed, crying until Ash came to her room to cheer her up. He sees the Revolver return to the Starta.

"Soran... You BASTARD!"
―Elizabeth, as she confronts Soran
"Hey, Elizabeth. What's Wro-"
―Soran, before being punched by Elizabeth
"I will never forgive you...NOT EVER! You killed Travis!"
―Elizabeth, while punching Soran
"Elizabeth! STOP IT!"
―Ash, Saji, and Louise, as they try to stop Elizabeth
"SHUT UP! What Soran did was unforgivable, and I will never forgive him for anything he does, and now Travis is dead because of HIM!"
―Elizabeth's distraught reply before breaking down into tears
"Don't worry, Elizabeth. Me, Tieria, Setsuna, and Lyle, have already recovered Travis' body; and I promise you that Celestial Being will revive him once the war is over."
―Ash, as he tells Elizabeth that Travis will be revived after the war is over
"Really? Thanks, Ash."
―Elizabeth, as she hears of Travis' future revival

Just as Soran returns to the Starta, Elizabeth angrily confronts him, and repeatedly punches him in the face for killing Travis. Ash, Saji, and Louise try to stop her, but Elizabeth distraughtly responded that what Soran did was unforgivable. Elizabeth continues to punch Soran, but she finally broke down into tears on Ash's chest. Ash reveals that he, Lyle, Tieria, and Setsuna have retrieved Travis' body, and they will revive him once the war is over.