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Chapter 19: Sidetracked


After failing to win the second battle of the Sacred Lightning War, Ash grew concerned about Shane's hatred for Travis. As he had thought that Shane never met Travis. Jack, Serena, and Elizabeth all come to Ash to see what was wrong, he replied that it was just nothing to worry about.

Jane received a decoded message from Travis, which was pointed towards Shane. The message turns out to be Travis taunting Shane, provoking him to fight against each other for the third battle of the Sacred Lightning War. Shane accepts the challenge, telling Travis that he will never fall back. Travis curtly replies with "I will love to see you try, Shane."

Meanwhile, Teresa goes to Travis to ask him about a reward if he wins against Shane. The reward turns out to be him approving of her relationship with Ash. Travis somewhat denies it, but he then said that he will see what he can do after he wins against Shane. Teresa starts to worry about Ash, with her hopes of him being alright.

The screen cuts back to Shane, who begins to taunt Travis behind his back, calling him a "good for nothing." He polishes the Gundam Revolver for his own personal needs, adding the Quantum Brainwave Control System for him to balance his Quantum Brainwaves. The screen then cuts back to Travis, who was seen with Teresa polishing the Desperado for his fight against Shane. While Shane hasn't gotten the Revolver ready yet, Travis launches his mobile suit in the wake of night.

After the credits roll, Tieria talks to Ash about Shane. Informing him that Shane shouldn't take revenge on a friend who betrayed him at all, rather he should make peace with him. Ash understands what Tieria mentioned, but Elizabeth comes to Ash to talk to him about the Peacemaker shortly afterwards.