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Chapter 20: Betrayal


Ash and Elizabeth talk in private about the Peacemaker's strengths and weaknesses in combat, he reveals that the Peacemaker's main strength is its advantage when against land and space-use mobile suits like the Gyan, and the Zeong, while its main weakness is its resistance against underwater mobile suits, such as the ZnO, and the GINN Wasp Type, as it was not designed to enter the water. Elizabeth understood what Ash was explaining to her, and she thanks him for the advice.

They later went to see Setsuna to ask about the mobile suit Shane is to be pit up against, the Desperado. Setsuna answered their question with it being one of the Lightning Squad's prototype suits, and its pilot is Travis Willis. Ash recognizes the name, saying that it sounds familiar, resorting to a flashback when he saved Travis' sister, Teresa from being bullied.

Tieria gives his cousin, Shane, information about the Desperado, such as its use, and the pilot of it. He then enters through a mental breakdown after hearing that Travis is the pilot of the Desperado, revealing that Travis was one of Shane's best friends while he was in school, and Shane just can't believe that he will betray him after all these times they had as best friends.

Shane launches in the Gundam Revolver to begin his fight against Travis, and the third battle of the Sacred Lightning War beings. Shane continuously calls Travis a traitor for betraying him, and joining the Lightning Squad. Travis questions Shane on why he would betray him as well, Shane curtly answers the question by joining Task Squad 496. Teresa tells Travis that he shouldn't give in to Shane, and hopes that if he does win, he should atleast approve of her wanting to date Ash.

Ash and Elizabeth watch the fight from the windows of the Galacticus Starta, telling Shane that taking revenge on an old friend for betraying him is not the best option to go all out on him, Shane ignores Ash's advice, and continues his fight with Travis. Ash and Elizabeth start to develop a worry for both, Shane and Travis. The Episode ends with Shane and Travis retreating to get repairs done to their mobile suits.