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Setsuna was born in the islands of ORB into the Ninja Schools of the Uematsu, where like all children there he was trained to be a Ninja. With the primary training ending at twelve he moved with his father and mother to the PLANTs where his training completed as he studied at the ZAFT academy and graduated as a Redcoat. Instead of becoming a standard Redcoat Pilot he went into the surveillance corp. and piloted a GINN Long Range Recon. type until he was twenty, when he resigned/defected back to ORB. There he joined the ORB military and was made a mobile suit test pilot. However when ORB was approached by the EA Uzumi Nara Attha chose Setsuna for a personal operative to monitor the EA at Morgenroete.

Skills and Abilities

Setsuna is a coordinator like most the modern Uematsu Ninja Clan, and as such he has been trained to be in top physical form at all times, moderating balance, power, speed and agility. He is a skilled swordsman, marksman, and mobile suit pilot, and has been trained in espionage and counter-espionage. He is shown to be able to run up short vertical walls and is capable of impressive acrobatics even in gravity. He regularly engages in zen exercises and balance exercises such as performing vertical push-ups with straight ninja swords. His mobile suit skills revolve around speed and dodging, but he is skilled with both ranged and melee mobile suit combat. He has been trained to use computers, but was unable to fully correct the OS of the GATX-212 Melee mobile suit before he was forced into combat with it, later having Kira Yamato finish it and the GAT-X131 Unload.


As a trained Ninja Setsuna was usually a quiet man but had his own code of honor that was less strict about warfare than most aces. He drew lines at harming civilians, biological weapons, and weapons of mass destruction, and would only fight armed targets or targets which had been disarmed. Despite this he was not hesitant to kill and would do anything to survive. He was not racist about Naturals or Coordinators, but he judged them by their actions, and was not inhibited from speaking his thoughts. In combat he was always cool and collected and tended to try to control the flow of combat by using his piloting skills to counter the actions of his opponents.