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Serena Winston is the female tritagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam: Emerald Memories, and a supporting character in Mobile Suit Gundam: Emerald Memories - Weiss. She is one of the operators of Task Squad 496, as well as the co-pilot of the LNS-9137 Nightingale. She marries Jack Crawford in the end of Series 1.


Serena is a loyal and caring person who tends to act motherly towards the Kennedy Siblings, and the majority of younger Celestial Being members. She also looks after Aoi, her personal bodyguard and servant, and Jane, her younger sister, and friendly rival.

It is known that Serena is completely unaware of Jack's feelings for her.


Early life

Serena is the first of two sisters born to John and Sarah Winston, who are respectively the president and first lady of Sapphire City, a suburb of Emerald Tower. She spent her childhood watching cartoons and drawing pictures, she also won awards for the pictures she drew, like a blooming sunflower on a bright, summer morning. She met Jack Crawford when they were kids, and they have made a strong friendship.

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