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Sean Crawford is a character in Mobile Suit Gundam: Emerald Chronicles. He is an Ensign of Emerald Tower Militaire, as well as a Super Solider.

Personality & Character

Sean is a competitive and strict solider. He is a mentor to Soran Erde, who he teaches on how to operate the controls in Guntank MK-II, as such, he is also considered to be a brother figure to him.

He is also a well-known comedian and actor, appearing in every stand up comedy show there is. He also won an oscar for his appearance in Love or Hate: The Story of a Teenage Blockhead.

In Emerald Memories - Weiss, he became less competitive and had calmed down within the last four years, he has also shown to be more active in mobile suit combat, piloting a new mobile suit created for him. At the time of his brother's and his sister-in-law's death, his personallity changed into that of his brother's, becoming the new commander of Task Squad 496 in his memory.


  • He shares the same Japanese and English voice actors as Zechs Merquise.

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