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Saji Crossroad is the male deteuragonist of Mobile Suit Gundam: Emerald Chronicles. He is the boyfriend, and later husband of Louise Halevy, and a friend of the two siblings, Ash and Elizabeth Kennedy.

Personality and Character

Saji kept most of his personality from his Gundam 00 counterpart. He gets along with fellow Celestial Being members well. He usually gets jealous whenever Louise gets near Ash, later on in the series, he doesn't mind it at all, seeing that he knows that Ash treats Louise like a sister. Louise gets jealous whenever he makes contact with Elizabeth, Ash's sister, although she doesn't care if he does get near her later on in the series, seeing that he treats Elizabeth like a sister.

He gets along with Ash well, the two also treat each other like brothers. He sometimes gets into fights with Soran Erde, with Saji having the tendency to punch him. He always goes to Jack Crawford whenever he develops problems with Soran.