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Vent is a mobile suit created by the Solaris faction. The unit is piloted by Van Kogeru.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

As one of Solaris' 1st Generation Mobile Suits, Vent serves as a testbed for future close-combat orientated Mobile Suits. As with all of Solaris' Mobile Suits, Vent is powered by a Meteor Drive and is specified to the fit the designated pilot and has fail-safe programs to prevent others from piloting them.

Designed for close-quarters combat mobile suit, Vent is capable of maneuvering at high speeds and equipped with an array close-combat weaponry.


Mobile Shield

A mid-sized shield attached to the left forearm. It can expand to provide more protection and has been used offensively by Ray on several occasions.

Beam Rifle

A beam rifle stored inside Vent's shield.

Beam Dagger x2

2 standard beam daggers. Later they are modified to adjust their beam length.

System Features

Wing Burst System

Vent is equipped with a special propulsion system called the Wing Burst System, which manifests as "Wings of Light", which allows for a temporary boost in acceleration as well as fuctioning as giant beam sabers

MC System

Like all 1st Generation Mobile Suits produced by Solaris, Vent is equipped with the Mobile Change System, allowing it to dock various equipment to adjust to various battle situations mid-combat.


  • SG-03/AP-01 Vent Schneider
  • SG-03/AP-03 Vent Buster