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"If this is my fate, I will accept it and use it to change the future!"

―Ryubi Hoshigami

Ryubi Hoshigami is the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Fate. His main mobile suits are Crescent Moon Gundam and Fate Gundam, but he has also piloted Nova Gundam.


Ryubi's mother was killed in the explosion of Orb, leaving only his father and his older sister left in his family. His sister was soon killed by a Blue Cosmos terrorist when she was taken hostage during her trip on Plant when Ryubi was 13; she was mistaken to be a coordinator and was killed by the terrorist when she tried to defend herself; the terrorist was soon captured afterwards. His father was killed on his 16th birthday by a coodinator terrorist trying to run away when he was taking a walk back home to give Ryubi his present. The next day after his birthday, Ryubi had found out that his father was dead; now that his whole family was killed, he had joined the Orb Union army one month later to get rid of the terrorists. Ryubi had soon lost his right eye on his first mission but even though he had lost his right eye, he was still determined to get rid of the terrorists. When Ryubi had turned 17, he was given the chance to pilot a mobile suit; people had usually mistakened him for a coordinator because he was as smart as a mobile suit coordinator pilot. On his first try, he had already been able to easily control a mobile suit, because of his easy success, he was given the new mobile suit, Crescent Moon Gundam.


  • His name first name "Ryubi" is based off the Romance of the Three Kingdoms character, Liu Bei, whos name is "Ryubi Gentoku" in Japanese
  • His last name "Hoshigami" means "Star God" in Japanese