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"I don't seek your forgiveness Than, I seek my OWN!"
―Ryu Hisanaga to Than Veia over his defection from ZAFT

Ryu Hisanaga is a former member of ZAFT and a member of the "Mendel Clan" due to being one of the Research Subjects alongside the Ultimate Coordinator Project, he seemingly could not understand the plots that the Newtypes were committing within ZAFT and defected, not knowing of the vengeful and murderous beast he would one day awaken within Than Veia.



Normally Calm and serious he has been known to relax and crack jokes and have fun when in the company of his friends. To most people he seems like a regretful and sad individual, but the few who are able to get close to him see that the scars run deeper than that with Ryu almost zealously seeking to redeem his own sins and mistakes.

Physical Appearance

Tall and solid Ryu looks like a perfect soldier with compact and wiry muscles allowing for maximum power without losing any speed. His hair is short an militaristic while he typically wears a uniform of some kind whether its a tech outfit or a soldier's outfit he does also regularly wear blue jeans with a white t-shit under an unbuttoned blue dress t-shirt along with a pair of sneakers.


Powers and Abilities