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Rubedo Solovia is a Newtype Character from the Fanfiction "Young Comet", Rubedo is a Tactical Forecaster and Strategic Genius, easily able to command a Fleet Group effectively to combat large numbers of enemies that are usually larger than his own forces. His father is revealed to be Charles Miguel whom keeps his wife's last name, this makes Rubedo the Nephew to Nanai Miguel, Char Aznable's last lover.


Physical Appearance

Rubedo being the son of Charles Miguel is a tall man with green eyes that take on a far darker tone that that of his father, insidentally he also has black hair to Charles' near platinum blond hair and is built like a soldier due to his Zeon training through most of his life, unlike his father he prefers a place of command while Charles perfers research and Mobile Suite piloting.

Rubedo wears Formal Black clothing wherever he goes showing that he has some manners over lesser people due to being descended from "Laplace Century" Nobility, his father meanwhile dresses in a black and red Labcoat like jacket that shows his utter lack for manners or people's opinions, Rubedo and Charles both however have thus far refused to wear a pilot suite.