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"Every one of us is sworn to lay down our lives to defend the citizens of Earth and her colonies, the unity of the Royal Sol Alliance, and the power of the king and his line. We are the pride of the alliance's military, the culmination of over three millennia's worth of technological advances. The battleships and mobile suits of this navy stand ready at all times to fight against the enemies of peace and justice. Do not take our dedication lightly!"
―Supreme Admiral Horatio Wallace, Duke of Mars

The Royal Sol Alliance Navy (also known as the Royal Navy) was the branch of the Royal Sol Alliance's armed forces primarily responsible for military operations in space, though it was also known to support the Royal Sol Alliance Army in terrestrial engagements. One of the most powerful and extensive military forces ever assembled, it was considered by many to be the backbone of the RSA and maintained royal dominance throughout the solar system with an armada of advanced warships and mobile suits, all manned by a dedicated force of highly-disciplined crew and pilots.