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"I always wanted a family, I've always wanted to be with my father, when I was younger I wanted my Father to one day find me and take me away to some nonsensical land as childish as it sounds. Now I know Krane is my Genetic Parent and I hesitate, we in Terminal don't really know what my dad...what Krane is doing, I hesitate for I'm not even sure I'm on the right side any more."
―Richard expressing his uncertainties to Kale Boonar during the Visit to Armoury One prior to the Armoury One Incident.

A Former Member of ZAFT and a Present Member of Terminal, he was the Commander of the Arron Team and later is Captain aboard a Custom Izumo-class Battleship: the Amaterasu, upon learning he is Krane's genetic son his loyalty for Terminal wavers throughout the later part of Newtype Seed and Newtype Destiny.


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