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Rhode Squadron, alternatively known as the 111th Tactical Mobile Squadron, was a team of elite pilots brought together by the Unified Earth Government. Led by the one of the best pilots within the Unified Earth Defense Force, Timothy Rhodes, Rhode Squadron was responsible for the invasion of several Outer Colonial Worlds as well as numerous victories in the frontlines.

Rhode Squadron utilized a specialized variant of the UEG-103A Operator called the UEG-103R Rhode Operator and the most elite of pilots were given clearance to pilot Gundam-type Mobile Suits.



In GC 142, Rhode Squadron Commander Timothy Rhodes was quietly assassinated by Chancellor Francis Leblanc for letting an infiltrated Kei Takagi steal UEG-001X Gundam Redemption along with multiple classified documents and blueprints. As a result, Rhode Squadron came under close scrutiny due to their close relationship with Timothy, which eventually led to their disbandment. Like with their Commanding Officer, several members of Rhode Squadron would later defect to the Human Federation, taking with them their mobile suits and anything they deemed valuable. The most famous of the defectors was Edward Graham, who was the pilot of the Gundam-type Mobile Suit, UEG-005X Gundam Acedia. The other ex-members of Rhode Squadron would retire from active service or were transferred to Francis Leblanc's personal mobile suit team, the White Talons.


At its height, Rhode Squadron had a total membership of 24 mobile suit pilots:

Mobile Suits



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