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"This design was never accepted by the Earth Alliance Technicians when we started to build the Archangel, it was unfinished then, now that is is finished I must say that we did a greater job for the Sahaku Family than I thought possible"
―Flashback of Professor Kato as he is overlooking the finishing touches and is shot by Kira Li Creuset.

The Rewloola-class Battleship was a Newtype Project within the Orb Union acting Externally to the Dark Celestials under the behest of the Sahaku Noble Family, coupled with the Izumo-class it was designed to be the front-line of Orb's Military Might which it could enter and exit the atmosphere at will, however the treason of the Newtypes living within Orb to Krane's ideas were found out by Than Veia causing them to be massacred (or forcefully Conscripted) by Than's loyalists leaving the only ship: "Rewloola" and the method to produce it which was hidden in its databanks at the Mercy of the Dark Celestials.


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