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Rem de Savarem, also known by the codename Remnant, is a Gundam Meister and one of the primary characters of the Gundam 00 Roleplay on the Regalia Realms website. He pilots the GN-001 Gundam Ulfric.


Rem is 15 years old, and lightly built at 5 ft, 5 in. His hair is black, and messy. His eyes are a deep green. His casual wear consists of a tank top with thin straps and a pair of form fitting black jeans. He also wears various accessories such as numerous necklaces and two matching arm bands on his wrists.


Rem makes up for being small by having a strong personality. If he has something to say, then he will say it, without regard to how the other person will feel afterwards. He isn't one to be intimidated easily and has a well-founded backbone, standing up to even the biggest of enemies with unflinching strength and courage. While in the presence of those he considers friends, he is somewhat grounded and civil, but still feral nonetheless. Rem has a phobia both of blood and of being out in the vast darkness of space. He hates the feeling of weightlessness and often accepts any excuse to remain on the surface if he has the option. Though he can overcome this feeling when he pilots his Gundam and stays on the Meisters' transport ship, he sometimes can't hold it together when he is by himself.


Rem's parents and his older brother were all killed during a terrorist attack when he was just six years old. He was the only remaining survivor of his entire family. Sadly, seeing them all killed before his eyes caused his fragile mind to suppress the memories and induce a blissful state of amnesia that left him incapable of remembering anything before he was seven years old. He was scouted as a possible Gundam Meister by CB while he was still living in a small orphanage. When they adopted him, all of his previous information was completely erased and he ceased to exist to the world after that. At their own personal cost, the organizaton was able to educate him; teach him to read, write, understand tactical information and data, and teach him how to use the Ulfric. When Rem turned fourteen, they explained to him the circumstances of why he was chosen. He started to remember everything and his hatred of war and terrorism formed.


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