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Mobile Suite powerplants designed by Neo-Zeon prior to the 3rd Neo-Zeon War, they are specifically designed so that they use a special Crystal created from Nuclear Waste and is placed in the Heart of a Minovsky Powerplant, it uses the radiation to "mutate" the particles into a new and more powerful form.


The hinting at basic Minovsky Particles and these "mutated" Radiance Particles started in UC 0001 however the knowledge was lost and unresearched again until almost 80 Years later, however the Radiance Particle Generators and the weaker reactors were unable to replicate the output of the original Radiance Reactor which was built and hidden 90 Years prior to the Radiance Particles being rediscovered, this taken into account meant that the Pseudo Generator and the Reactors were not powerful enough to do what Kazan Aznable intends for the Radiance Particles.

Types of Powerplant:

Radiance Generator

A Generator that creates and uses the highest quality of Radiance Particles, it was hidden prior to Laplace Station's Destruction and only Laplace's Box has the information required to find it, it is Neo-Zeon's main goals whom use Full Frontal and the "Sleeves" to that end.

Pseudo Radiance Generator

A Replica of the Radiance Particle Engine lost with Laplace Station 90 Years prior to the building of this Generator, though it is a near perfect replica its power output is flawed in that it "Generates too much power" and those working on it are "unable to stop it", because of this if used on a Ship or even a Space Fortress it would either overheat or lack the energy output since its own energy output fluctuates randomly.

Massive Nuclearlite Catalyst Minovsky Fusion Reactor

Nuclearlite Catalyst Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor

Radiance Particle Condensers

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