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The RMS-06A "Paladin" was a mobile suit developed and used by the Royal Sol Alliance as an interceptor to counter the increasing number of rebels, pirates, and mercenaries producing and operating their own mobile suits on the fringes of the solar system. Although it was officially the next in the RMS-series of mobile suits after the RMS-05A Knight model, the Paladin was the first in the line to not be produced by the RSA's own Royal Mobile Suit Armory. Instead, its design was outsourced to an independent manufacturer, Handel and Vincent Engineering. As such, its appearance was radically different from that of other mobile suits in the RSA's military. Based off of several designs used by the defeated Confederacy of Free Colonies, the Paladin was the first mobile suit since the Unification War to feature a transformation between a standard mobile suit and a mobile armor-style frame.