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The Quantum Drive is a version of the GN Drive used for Newtype-specific mobile suits, created by the Kennedy Siblings with assistance from Celestial Being.

Conception & Technology

After watching Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack with John, Ash started his research on power plants. Elizabeth, however, found Aeolia Schenberg's notes on a Newtype-use power plant he codenamed Schenna; They used his notes as a basis for the power plant originally in the conceptual phase, codenamed NT-R (Short for Newtype-Revolution).

This very power plant uses Bio-Sensors and the Psycommu system to even out the Psychoframe Construct's room temperature to prevent overheating, it can also use its own unique set of funnels in its funnel launcher.

The quantum funnels can operate under two different modes: Offense and Defense. While offense mode operates in the same way as previous Newtype-use mobile suits that use funnels, defense mode will help defend an ally unit from any impending attacks from an enemy unit.

Mobile Suits using the Quantum Drive