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ORB-103C Crisis Buster Gundam


ORB-103/C Crisis Buster Gundam is a custom general-purpose type Mobile Suit featured on the Regalia Realms site's Cosmic Era roleplay. It is piloted by its designer, ORB Natural Morimi Saki. The customised suit was born from Morimi's desire to match the results of his Co-Ordinator colleagues.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

As its name suggests, the Crisis Buster is based around a heavily modified Buster Gundam. It was originally designed to be a purely ranged-combat type suit, as per its pilot's preference, but halfway through the design stages, the suit was modified to be Striker Pack-compatible. As part of this modification, the suit itself was adapted for a more general role; copies of the Strike's basic weapons were procured for it, and beam saber mounts were added to the knees.

As a finishing touch, Saki built the suit using a head from one of the Astray project prototypes, signifying its allegiance to ORB [and leading to it being nicknamed the 'Buster Astray'].


  • 2x 220mm 6-barrel missile pod
  • 57mm high-energy beam rifle
  • Shield
  • 2x Beam Saber

Striker Packs

Although it can theoretically mount any available Striker Pack, the Crisis Buster typically mounts packs designed for long-range combat. Due to increased internal battery capacity, the Crisis Buster usually keeps its beam rifle equipped when using Striker Packs, whereas the Strike typically did not.

  • Launcher Striker: For its first demonstration, the Crisis Buster used the standard Launcher Striker pack, adding the 'Agni' 320mm hyper impulse beam cannon, 120mm anti-ship vulcan gun, and a pair of 350mm gun launchers to its armaments.
  • Bazooka Striker: Designed by Morimi to work specifically with the Crisis Buster, the Bazooka Striker pack mounts a scaled-up Hyper Bazooka, as well as specialised suspensors and recoil absorbers on the suit's shoulders.


As of yet, the Crisis Buster has not seen use in the Regalia Realms roleplay; its eistence is currently entirely theoretical.

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