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A alliance between orb, zaft, and Atlantic Federation. It was formed 3 months after the second bloody valentine war. It's a political, millitary, and trade alliance aiming to keep the peace between the nations of Earth and the PLANTS space colonies.


A week after the peace treaty that ended the Second Bloody Valentines War the Atlantic Federation left the Earth Alliance permanently. Cagalli proposes an alliance between Orb Union, PLANT, and The Atlantic Federation to keep the peace. Three months after the second Bloody Valentine War O.Z.A.F. formed. O.Z.A.F. showed its united power by making a new space colony known as "Argos." They also made a new vessel, the Manark. O.Z.A.F would later go to war the Earth Alliance Renments in 74 C.E. The war start with a unsuccesful attack on the Argos space colony.

Mobile suits

-all these gundom are freedom like gundams-

freedom trinity

Gundam infinity(white and light blue)

Gundam freedom

Gundam freedom supreme(white with gold trim)

-normal soldier gundams-

Astray gundams


strike gundams

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