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The Newtype Rising Series is a group of Fanfictions based around the consolidation of the Newtypes around the globe, however this plan became perversed by those acting it into a desire to opress the Human Race this is seen parrallel to Humanity supressing change (as seen with their reaction to Coordinators and Newtypes), the Archangel-type Newtypes were to be considered the Messiahs for Newtypes and were based within ZAFT.


Pre-Gundam Seed: Newtype Origins

Explains the happenings on Mendel Colony and the Project carried out there, speaks of the two variants of Newtype Classes: the Archangel and Deimos Projects, it also explains how at a young age how the Ascendency Offspring got seperated.

Gundam Seed: Newtype Awakening

Abel seeks out his Fallen Brother: Cain, therefore joining the Earth Alliance temporarily to that end, there he meets an interesting Coordinator called Ryan Asimov who he believes his his older brother: Adam Archtype. As Abel continues he runs into Ryan Asimov's Partener: Jason Vold, who Abel believes to be another sibling: Nahash, seeking to watch them from within the Archangel and await extraction and eventually running into Cain aboard the Archangel.

Gundam Seed Destiny: Newtype Dawn

Unnamed 4th Title


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