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NFMS-X0009 Sentinel Gundam (AKA Sentinel) is Prototype Special Operations Multi-Weapons Mobile Suit. The unit is piloted by Dante Schneider.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Sentinel Gundam is first mobile suit which powered by the new powerful source of energy, Scelerisque Energy (SCE-E). Every unit's weapons is powered with SCE-E and it has limited time operations as long as SCE-E is remained within the unit; if the unit were running out of SCE-E, it'll permanently shut down.

Later, Sentinel Gundam had receives heavy upgraded and performance; the Full Armor System and new armaments which replaces every armaments though Vulcan Guns and its Saber were retained.


Sentinel Gundam

  • 2 x SCE-E Multi-Barrel Vulcan Gun
  • 2 x SCE-E Saber
  • SCE-E Rifle
  • SCE-E Shield
  • SCE-E Gatling Gun

SCE-E Full Armor System

  • 2 x SCE-E Shield
    • SCE-E Gatling Gun
    • SCE-E Sonicblade
    • SCE-E Saber
  • 2 x SCE-E 3-Tube Grenade Launcher

System Features

Special Equipments

Optional Equipments

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