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Mortalitas also known as Celestial Being: Mortalitas, from the Latin that has a similar meaning to Death, is an Rebel Organization Branch of Celestial Being that work alongside Katharon in fighting against the A-LAWs, they were set up originally by Laguna Harvey to redeem his desire for power and the chain of events that it caused.


2307 AD


Mortalitas was created shortly before the Death of Laguna Harvey and the Fall of Team Trinity, given to two Gundam Meister Recruits that were on standby by Veda were the two Gundam-type Mobile Suites created after the Original Three Gundam Thrones, the two Gundam Meisters were also equipped with a successor design to the CBS-70 Ptolemaios that is built by Linear Train Industries. 


Mortalitas spent most of its time retrieving information from Veda by Hacking into the Supercomputer similar to Ribbons Almark and Laguna Harvey, they also learned of two GN Drives that were unused by Celestial Being, GN Drives that had been hidden away behind a disguised area of Veda's Level 7 Data Access. After retrieving these GN Drives, they equiped them to their Throne Gundams, using them in Armed Interventions that caused Ribbons to release Setsuna out into combat.

2310 - 2311 AD

Early Battles against the A-LAWs

Setsuna F. Seiei is known to be the most noted contributor to fighting the Mortalitas whom claim allegiance to Katharon and Celestial Being, the use of a Replica GN Drive surprised Setsuna causing him to fall short of actually destroying the Organization despite the fact that the A-LAWs had larger numbers and more advanced Technology, some of which gets captured by Mortalitas. Mortalitas captures a number of GN-X-603T GN-X, GNX-604T Advanced GN-X and the GNX-509T Throne Varanus.

2312 AD

Battling the A-LAWs

Mortalitas goes off the map for a few months after its success in 2311 AD and secretly joins up with a branch of Katharon



Mobile Suites

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