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Morgenroete, Incorporated (its name is German for "dawn") is a military contractor based in the Orb Union, with facilities in both the Orb Union proper and at the Orb-owned space colony of Heliopolis. Though part of the neutral nation of Orb, Morgenroete, Inc. has been secretly collaborating with the Earth Alliance's, Atlantic Federation, in its work on its new prototype mobile weapons called Gundams. Though during construction, Morgenroete did get special information, but it cost Orb its space colony of Heliopolis, when a ZAFT commando team entered and escaped with four of five Gundams. Beam weapons, second-generation Mobile Operating Systems, the Lohengrin positron blaster gun (later adapted by ZAFT as the Tannhäuser installed in the bow of the experimental assault ship Minerva), Phase Shift armor and the Mirage Colloid cloaking device were all developed at Morgenroete either entirely or in part during the war or immediately after, partly under the aegis of chief designer Erica Simons. More esoteric technologies were also developed at Morgenroete under the aegis of the Sahaku twins, including energy-draining weaponry.

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