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Mobile Suit Variations EX: UC Generation (aka MSV EX) is the latest entry in the Mobile Suit Variations (MSV) series of mechanical designs and is a serialized feature in Gundam Ace. As with previous MSV series, UC Generation mainly features unused and brand-new original mobile suit (MS) designs with the addition of a back-story (as well as an complete technical examination) that attempts to tie them into the official Universal Century time-line. New characters are featured with their own story's and supported by the events that occurred within the Universal Century. While these designs are never seen in any animation series, most of these new MS models (as well as the backstories and pilots created for them) are featured in the SD Gundam G Generation Wars Neo mecha action video game. UC Generation features mechanical designs from popular mecha artist Kenki Fujioka and character illustrations by Jun Tsukasa.


Featured Mechanics

Earth Federation
Principality of Zeon