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Mobile Suit Gundam Specialist (機動戦士ガンダムスペシャリスト, Kidō Senshi Gandamu Supesharisuto) is an anime television series based on Sunrise's long running Gundam franchise.


"In 11 years ago, we have everlasting peace to enjoy our lifes, but the Common World Pact has suddenly attacking us without warning by hijacking our weaponized space station and destroy our cities, our home. The Globalization Defense Federation have declare war against the Common World Pact for their attempts to destroy our every cities, becoming their sworn enemy. If we don't stop the CWP, they will take away our homeland and ruined our futures."
Tendou Tsurugi "Dragon Sword"

The "Mobile Suit Gundam Specialist" takes place in the dark and twisted future, where the new breed of humanity and technologies was emerged as every superpowers has been collapsed in eleven years ago.

In eleven years ago, the CWP, also known as Common World Pact, has hijacking the control of VALI Space Station and attempt to destroy every GDF-controlled cities in the various countries. However, despite the space station has been destroyed, some of cities are already being destroyed after the launch of its kinetic rods. This incident has been called Hollow Disaster and marks the fall of every superpowers and started the war between GDF and CWP.

This story have two seperate and revolves around two main protagonists -


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