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The Gundam Galactic novels were a series of 4 books written by Kohta Hirano (太平野) and published in Japan by Kadokawa from 2011 to 2012. The English version of the novels were published by Tokyopop and was released internationally.

The cover illustrations were done by Ogasawara Tomofumi (小笠原 智史, also the illustrator of Mobile Suit GUNDAM Seed RGB Illustrations) and the original story was written by the story's creator as well as help from fellow author, Ichinose Harakawa.

  1. Book 1: Declaration of Separation (分離の宣言 Bunri No Sengen)
  2. Book 2: Merciless War (情け容赦のない戦争 Nasake Yōsha No Nai Sensō)
  3. Book 3: Rise of the Saviours (セイバーズの台頭 Seibāzu No Taitō)
  4. Book 4: An Ending Comes Near (エンディングが近くなる Endingu Ga Chikaku Naru)
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