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Mobile Suit Gundam: Emerald Chronicles E2 is an Anime Military science fiction Mecha based television series based on Sunrise's long running Gundam franchise. It serves as the sequel to Mobile Suit Gundam: Emerald Chronicles, taking place four years after the events of it.


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The series will include all of the characters who are alive by the end of the first series, with Soran Erde, and Teresa Willis becoming full protagonists, while Ash and Elizabeth Kennedy return as the main protagonists of the sequel.


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Unlike the original Emerald Chronicles, the sequel will go through a two year timeskip after the end of the first season; therefore, the series is split within two seasons called Phases.

Phase 1: Weiss

It is the year 2312 of the Anno Domini Calendar. Four years after the end of the Sacred Lightning War, Celestial Being celebrated their victory over the fall of the Holo-Illumini; a faction formerly part of the World Economic Union. Since then, the Emerald Tower Militarie was transferred from Celestial Being to Katharon to aid in the rebellion of the newly-formed A-Laws government.

From behind the scenes came two unknown groups: The Innovators, and the Axis of the Zodiac. The former was responsible for the formation of the A-Laws, while the latter was responsible for aiding in the funds for them; In response to the new groups, one new faction enters the stage to fight for one purpose: Peace. Their name? Sovereign Serenity.

Phase 2: Serenity

It is the year 2314 of the Anno Domini Calendar. Two years after the fall of the A-Laws, the defeat of the Innovators, and Celestial Being's (Along with Sovereign Serenity's) victory. One group finally emerges from the shadows: The Axis of the Zodiac, led by Zachary Kanegawa, former Holo-Illumini ace pilot and one of the pilots that fought briefly in the Sacred Lightning War. What Zachary has planned up his sleeve this time is a even bigger threat than Ash Kennedy would've ever faced: The ultimate weapon he will use for world domination, known simply as the Berserker Gundam.

Openings, Endings, Insert Songs


  • Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi by Uverworld (Opening 1)
  • Namida no Mukou by Stereopony (Opening 2)


  • Prototype by Chiaki Ishikawa (Ending 1)
  • Trust You by Yuna Ito (Ending 2)

Insert Songs:


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