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"Let us Ascend, united. For if we do not now, I fear we never will, and our humanity will slowly transform into something dark and brooding, damaging it beyond repair; an evil that nothing in this world will overcome. There will be no faith, nor joy, nor hope. Only pain, the kind that haunts a man every night for the rest of his life." -President of the UEA, Howard Grant.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Ascendency is a fictional Gundam series created by Darxeth.

It is the year 118 U.E. War has broken out between the Vaalcan Kingdom, made up of mainly the countries of Germany, Russia, Great Britian, and France, and the United Earth Alliance, which is composed of The Americas, Japan, and Austrailia. As the UEA struggles to stop the radical but powerful Vaalcan Kingdom from eradicating humanity on Earth entirely, believing that people should no longer inhabit Earth, but set their sights on exploring Space, a deeper, intricate truth is slowly unfolding. U.E. is a time where few people are gentically altered to possess inhuman abilities, a time for revolution. Can a select few of Gundam Pilots change the course of the war and prevent mankind from plummeting into an abyss of regret and sorrow?

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